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Introducing SpaceTruck™

We're developing a 3D-printed reusable third stage - space tug - that can affordably deliver your payload to/ and from space, affordably.

Unlimited Possibilites

Space Payload

Up to 325 kg 

Affordable last-mile delivery of your satellite to the specific orbit is our mission

On-orbit, PTP

Service, Manufacture and more

Transport a payload in a pressurized environment to space and back 

ESPA Agnostic

Launch on Any Carier

Launching to space is no longer limited to one specific provider, so neither are we

About us

Plasmos is building a reusable third stage tug to address the problem of last-mile delivery in space.

Our 4 min Pitch

Watch our pitch in front of 4 space VC's including Seraphim, Root VC, and Bessemer Ventures.



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